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Try….Apk mirror and enter into the giant world of Apps & games with its more exciting features incorporate a secure environment that makes an android device healthy. Basically, it is an unofficial third-party app store with tons of applications with diverse variety and all are free of cost. Means one can quickly get any kind of popular stuff free of cost that is much chargeable from other play stores. This application is available in multiple languages, and it has millions of active users in the world, So what you are waiting for click over the link and get Apk mirror with its advanced features.

Supported VersionAndroid 3.0+
App Versionv3.5
License TypeFree!

apk mirror is an unofficial Alternative that is the same as Google Play Store, which offers the Hack, Crack, Tweaked & Modified version of premium app’s & games freeware. This versatile app store comes with unique and advanced features with a responsive, user-friendly interface. It does not only serve the data, even security too. You are just a free step back to grab this apk, click over the link and get the app’s whole world.


Version: Latest

Downloads: 150M+

Last Updated: 3 days ago



  • Supportive such as Android, IOS & Windows.
  • Highly Advanced User-Interface.
  • Tons of Apk’s Such as E-books, Tv-Shows, Games, Streaming, Music, and more one.
  • Light-weight & easy to operate. 
  • Crack & Modified versions of apps & games are available.
  • Diversity in languages.
  • Downloading & uploading is possible without registration.
  • One can customize the application according to as per requirement.
  • The application doesn’t charge any kind of hidden payment.


Why APKMIRROR is the Best?

One of the most notable features of Android is that it is an open-source platform that allows access to any kind of outsider apks. Furthermore, users can easily download apps & games in androids from any other play store. And this versatile APKMIRROR is one of the most reliable AppStore that serve non-malicious content. It offers plenty of popular apps and games, even premium-one all are free of cost. Even though This application is entirely free from geographical restriction and rolling out diverse applications in the whole world, it is only included that content that does not violate Androids’ policies and provide a secure medium.

What’s on APKMIRROR AppStore



 This helps to unlock the exclusive functions used to achieve the highest limit of experience of the current application.


APK MIRROR is a world of various games, including the popular premium one. Grab the endless list with HD-quality for free for level-up yourself.


To enhance the experience and achieve the highest limit of any apk.It offers tons of popular Tweaked & patched apps at free of cost.

Download APKMIRROR in a click

Third-party Appstore has various advantages, and it offers so many unique data and advanced features not only for Android even IOS also. It is one of the best places to grab such kinds of Stuff in free of cost. It is the finest alternative of Google play store for android users. Allow Android permission and enable the ‘unknown source’ option to download and install the AppStore.

  • Click here to download APKMirror.
  • Check out the T&C.
  • Hang on, it’s downloading.
  • Locate the downloaded file.
  • Tap on ‘Installation’ to launch the AppStore.

Easy Guide to use APKMIRROR

APK Mirror has made easy the downloading of premium apk & games freeware and offers varieties of a hack and modified version. Also, this versatile AppStore provides a convenient user-interface. The following are the quick, guided step to download the content from apk mirror.

  • Launch the APK Mirror AppStore Dashboard.
  • Tap on the ‘Quick search bar’ and find the required-one.
  • Select one of them and click on the download link.
  • Now Tap on the install button.
  • Hang-on it’s installing the apk.

System Requirements?

  • Operating system: Android 4.0 & above.
  • System Storage: 2GB & Above.
  • Enable: “unknown sources”.
  • System cache: Clear the cache.
  • Permissions: Allow the required permissions.


It offers unmolested and verified cryptographic signatures apk’s, which are securely uploaded by their developers. This self-signed application makes sure that all the data which are serving are unmolested and unmalicious. Also, the apps which uploaded previously do report any kind of bug. In such an event, the apk mirror doesn’t sustain the malicious app’s and immediately, it withdraws the apps. Although it has an unspoiled policy with application-ads, The apk mirror doesn’t verify until it checks the whole code. Because it doesn’t disclose the untrusted data, overall this alternative play store is purely secure and under the sevrilience of the apk mirror developers.

Managed APKMIRROR via tabs / PC

BlueStack & NOX, such an emulator, used while accessing any apk over the PC or Mac. This process is free of any rooting or any unwanted procedure. Below are some guided points which help to download and install the apkmirror for PC.

  • Click here to grab this apkmirror.
  • Accept the T&C of apk mirror.
  • Locate the file into the PC.
  • Wait until the proper download.
  • Now download any emulator and install it on pc.
  • Now launch the emulator.
  • Open the file and go ahead with the installation.
  • Now launch the apkmirror on the emulator.

Fix the Errors & Troubleshoot

Download Failed issue: “unable to download the app” such errors solve through “Setting > App> Cache data > Clear”.

Responding Error: When the “Not-Responding” popup occurs, Go to the App setting and restore it, then restart the device.

Unable to download APK: Go to Device setting > Allow Developer Option > Enable USB Debugging & Unknown Source option> try again.

Stop Antivirus Firewall: after correcting the above solution but still facing any problem, then Go to Antivirus setting > Firewall > Click-OFF > try again.

IS APK MIRROR Does Not Working?

There are some internal issues that cause the app to failed working. Majorly such kind of issues can be fix. Follow the guided list of solutions; try this.

  1. Internet connection Accessibility

Proper internet connection does play a significant role while working over the internet based apk or any installation apk. On-OFF the internet data or restart the device, then Switch-on internet data.

  1. Insufficient Storage

If the Low-Space issue occurs, then backup the data or remove some unwanted old photos and some previously installed apps or clean up the junk file.

  1. Antivirus permission issue.

Normally the Antivirus firewall doesn’t allow to install of any out-source apk. Then go to the antivirus setting> Firewall > Permission > Allow.

  1. Version- Issues 

Do not try to install the outdated apk of any installing app. Always try the current version. Outdated apk may occur troubleshoot while installing into an android device, or user can not use the latest update of the related application/games.

  1. Re-install 

 In a few cases, outdated as well as the new version occur any issue. Be careful the treated apk may harm your device. Always download the latest version of apk mirror from any genuine site. Furthermore, in some cases, users can reinstall the same apk it also helps fix the issues.


Basically, this apk mirror is an app repository committed to serving all kinds of stuff, including some beta & Hack or modified versions. Whenever you want to try to download apps, it serves you the latest version of the new one that comes out. Gradually it is one most adequate alternative sources of play store supporting both the platform Android and IOS. Surprisingly, millions of active users regularly access this apk, but still, it is full of security and under the surveillance of developers who regularly update this apkmirror store. 

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